Want more of what you’ve read here? Get Alisha’s book Pieces: Finding the Missing Piece is Easier than You Think!

In just seven chapters, Alisha shows you how to reclaim the missing pieces of your life through broken relationships, unforgiveness, regret, finding your purpose and much more!

Click the book cover to get your “piece”!

Rave Reviews for Pieces!

“In a matter of 14 months, I lost my father to cancer, my mother had to have surgery on her brain, and my marriage of seven years had come to an unexpected end. Pieces has ministered to me in ways that words can’t describe! Thank you for writing this book!
– T. Little, Macon, GA

“The layout of the book is very clear, the message is powerful, and it’s perfect for any audience.”
–S. Wilson, J.D. Washington, DC

“I feel so blessed to have read the book and right now (not even as a parent) have gotten so much. I am reflecting on it because so many things are applicable to my life right now. I feel so full.”
–K. Murry, Atlanta, GA

 “Alisha spoke at The Fatherless Generation Foundation’s “In The Midst of Single Parenting” forum. While speaking she delivered her emotional journey of “Finding the Pieces” with passion and transparency. As she conveys her failures and triumphs to the audience, you sense the true impact her awakening experience with God has imparted upon her life. Her message is authentic and legitimate!”   

Torri J.Evans, Founder The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc.

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